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Mao Weiming, executive vice governor of Jiangxi Province, investigated the Ji'an Xinqian sucralose plant

2017/10/19 09:46
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On the afternoon of July 3, 2018, Mao Weiming, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Province and executive deputy governor, accompanied by Wang Shaoxuan, mayor of the city, Wang Dasheng, deputy mayor, and Wang Xuesheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Jingkai District, went to Xinqi'an Group Ji'an. The sucralose plant was investigated and investigated.




   Chairman of the Group Wang Xiaoqiang (left) Mao Weiming, executive deputy governor of Jiangxi Province (middle) Wang Shaoxuan, mayor of Ji'an City (right)





The chairman of the group, Wang Xiaoqiang, accompanied the deputy governor Mao to visit the whole process from raw materials to finished packaging production. During the inspection, Chairman Wang introduced the company's products, production management, technology research and development, and listing progress. The Vice Governor Mao gave high praise and full recognition to the company's rapid development in recent years, industry market position and technological innovation capability. Vice Governor Mao gave high appreciation to the company for increasing capital investment, improving environmental safety facilities and building green factories in recent years. At the same time, it is expected that Xinqi'an Group will continue to maintain a good momentum of development, give full play to the advantages of leading enterprises in the industry and accelerate the pace of entering the capital market. Leading comrades such as the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Industry and Information Commission, and the Financial Office were accompanied by the investigation and investigation.




     Vice Governor Mao and his party visited the Xinqi Anjian Sucralose Factory


Since the beginning of this year, Xinqi'an Group has actively responded to the actual needs of domestic and foreign products in the current product structure, and continues to optimize the production process of sucralose and glycine, improve product yield, reduce production consumption, improve product quality, and accelerate factory automation. Renovate construction, reduce labor costs and improve management efficiency. Xinqi'an will continue to deepen into the health food ingredients industry, consolidating and strengthening the market's dominant position in the industry.