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Sugar-Free Dietary Sweetener

Low sugar, low calorie, low GI, high dietary fibre content Appearance of amber or golden yellow viscous liquid, with a rich aroma of caramel, and refreshingly sweet taste, sweet, but not greasy, Bailey's degree (Brix °) of 60-70.
Detailed introduction

Product Features:

Low sugar, low calorie, low GI, high dietary fibre content.
Amber or golden yellow viscous liquid with a rich caramel aroma and a refreshing sweet taste, sweet but not greasy, with a Brix° of 60-70.
It can be made into various flavoured zero sugar syrups according to different customers' requirements, such as zero sugar vanilla flavoured syrup, zero sugar hazelnut flavoured syrup, zero sugar apple flavoured syrup and zero sugar cinnamon flavoured syrup.
Scope of Use:
This product is suitable for replacing fructose syrup and sucrose syrup in sweetened food for people with diabetes or people with sugar control needs in the fields of catering, milk tea, frozen drinks, bakery, bartending and so on.
It can be added to bread spreads, milk tea, coffee, ice cream, fruit-flavoured smoothies, yoghurt, and all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices as a sweetener instead of sucrose syrup or fructose syrup according to individual sweetness preferences.
Product Specifications:
2x sweetness, 5x sweetness, 10x sweetness
Packaging Specifications:
1L/bottle, 5L/drum, 20L/drum
Packaging SpecificationsApplicable Standards: Flavour syrup/food flavouring
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