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Blended Sweetener

Zero Sugar, Zero Card, Zero GI appearance of crystalline particles, 30-80 mesh, easily soluble in water, sweetness is pure, the taste is uniform and refreshing, sweet, but not greasy, the tail sweetness has a sugar aroma similar to sucrose, fluidity is good, and it will not be dusty in the process of use.
Detailed introduction
Product Features:
Zero sugar, zero card, zero GI
Appearance of crystalline particles, 30-80 mesh, easily soluble in water, pure sweetness, even and refreshing taste, sweet but not greasy, tail sweet with a sugar aroma similar to sucrose, good fluidity, in the process of use will not raise dust.
Scope of Use: 
This product is suitable for family table sugar substitute, as well as the catering industry for diabetics or sugar control needs of the population need to replace sucrose in sweet food, can be used according to personal sweetness preferences.
It can be added to soya milk, milk, coffee, milk tea, yoghurt and all kinds of fruit and vegetable juice drinks as a sweetener to replace sucrose according to individual sweet taste preference.
Product Specifications:
2 times sweetness, 5 times sweetness, 10 times sweetness.
Packing Specifications: 5kg/bag, 20kg/bag.
Applicable Standards: Compound Additives/Sweeteners
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