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Turmeric (scientific name: Curcuma longa L.) is a perennial herb of the ginger family, genus Turmeric. It can be used both for medicinal purposes and as a food seasoning. Distributed in Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and other provinces and regions of China; widely cultivated in East and Southeast Asia. It prefers sunny places. The rhizomes of both this species and tulip are a commercial source of the traditional Chinese medicine "turmeric" for medicinal use, which is able to move qi and break blood stasis, clearing menstruation and relieving pain. It can move qi, break blood stasis, and clear the channels of menstruation to relieve pain. It is used for treating chest and abdominal distension, shoulder and arm paralysis, menstrual disorders, amenorrhoea and bruises. It can also be used to extract yellow food dye; the curcumin contained in it can be used as an analytical chemical reagent. Curcumin is a chemical component extracted from the rhizomes of some plants in the ginger family and Tennessee family, it is a rare pigment with diketone in the plant world, it is a diketone compound, orange-yellow crystalline powder with a slightly bitter taste, almost insoluble in water. The main ingredient is a mixture of three main components: curcumin, mono demethoxy curcumin and bis demethoxy curcumin.
Detailed introduction
Product Features:
Turmeric is the dried rhizome of Curcuma longa, a plant in the ginger family, which is medically known for its ability to break the blood and move Qi, and to open the menstrual flow and relieve pain. Curcumin is a diketone natural compound extracted from the rhizome of turmeric, which is one of the world's largest selling natural food colours.
It is a food additive permitted by the World Health Organization, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and many other countries, and has hypolipidemic, anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, and antioxidant effects. It is widely used as medicine, colouring, food additive and flavouring agent.
Scope of Use:
Comply with the national standard GB1886.76-2015 "Food Additives Curcumin" and the U.S. Pharmacopoeia standard
Product Specifications:
Total natural curcumin ≥95%; total natural curcumin 5%-95%; water-soluble curcumin powder (total natural curcumin ≥10%)
Packing Specifications:  10 KG drum, 25 KG drum, customised packing..
Product Certificate: · US-FDA
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